Works in progress. A journey through the early stages of my 19th book of poetry...

Monday, July 30, 2012


A bell sounds in the darkness
Recalls my faith in you
Footsteps covered, uncovered
In the whitest shapes
And roses of undying hope;

Snap the branches off me
And watch the birds go...
Fly away;
Maybe we can see more than just clouds
As the storm grows near


In a lifetime none of us could ever imagine such grace.
Complete harmony with the world,
It's wars and it's peace...
Reality set in;
Until that time faith will take your hand...
And some indescribable perception
Will see through my eyes
Staring directly in yours...

The only way the old can be renewed.

Requiescat in pace

The Epitaph... word for word.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012

"From The Grave of Someone You Loved Yesterday."

I needed support that I just couldn't handle
I needed love like a drug,
Inside of you... inside of me.

Something within this nature...
Standing directly under the trees
Can you forgive and innocent stranger?
Than blame the ones you loved instead of accepting?

Apples grew and then died right before my very eyes
Within my skeletons hand...
Like some sort of hysterical joke

I felt they were all laughing...

Believing that there couldn't be anything more

Of the mysterious beyond.

Taken for granted

Take it for granted...
You always will.
The "never balance" was surely fading

All was envy
Just like the name on the stone;

I am youthful
I am elder

I am alone...

For Centuries

I've been nearly awake for centuries
As hours have grown...
Days turned into years
Nostalgia born
And mirrored life transcending...
Only revealing half of who we are.

I escaped from my desire, was all...
Never out of my mind entirely;
The frame still holds a perfect image
Now that eyes will sleep without torment...

What does it mean to you to know...
That I have spent the last few years of my life
As a patient to myself?
Through all patients...
Hoping that the next hand to be dealt
Will triumph over all adversities...

Praying that the next path I'll cross
Will be more meaningful...
Because all that I've ever known
Has seemed so misleading....

We'll try to hide our face from the sun
So when we finally open up again
They'll be more than what there ever was...

There was always... something

For us,

Beating hearts;

Alive for centuries...

Transcending life;

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Simplicity, I know
High strung on, Goodbyes
The silence given back to steal
Sometimes I really want to...
Tell you what I think...
But it's Hellos,
Goodbyes... see you again sometime
My hopeless little friend...

I'm glad to know you.

Depend on me, as I depend on



The world is hanging on by a thread
Which makes life interesting
Waiting for the silence, long hours throughout the day
The storm arrives at nightfall
When I still speak your name

Trying to make scene of it...

Reasons and happy mediums
Wishful thinking.

I learned I could not do without
To overcome the obstacle
Crushing my pride as I sleep.
As we ignore the hope
The love that is no different from us.

Everything from hello
To Goodbye
And all that falls in between.

I'm glad to know you.

Depend on me, as I depend on



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Breach to Faith

The trains pass on yellow skies
The porch lit summer nights.
It's your demise;

A breach to faith
You never felt void from
Tears are always
Not far from smiles
And your laughter
I remembered
Only in those pauses
Before the sound of
Piano keys...
Sunlight warms me

Awaiting morning to a kiss

All through the air
The wondering bliss

Not far from distraction.

The trains pass on yellow skies
The porch lit summer nights.
It's your demise;

A breach to faith.

Friday, July 20, 2012

"Everything From Me To The Blue"

Burn a candle for me in the dark
I have my faith to fall back on,
Shadowed in the corner
Transparent to your skin
Close inside;
It's not enough for me to worry
Yet I think about it all the time,
Dwelling into the eyes
Like some sort of ocean
From a far...

What is the meaning of this distance?

Everything from me to the blue...

I just wanted elevation
Anything to get closer to you...

Will help be a friend?
Or will she be pushed aside without reason
I feel so close to landscapes once again...

The cool wind will carry me
And I will run across these fields
Until I know what it is I'm running from...

There's no reason to be afraid.
There is no reason...

Soul mates, we try to reach.