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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Is there a story behind?
The sinful and noble
Every day I feel there’s a little more darkness
Behind my eyes…

Engraved to Remembrance

But that was the old
What is the new?

When the light shines…
It never destroys my most passionate Landscapes
These and mine are yours.
But we are not the same…

We are closer

It’s only how we see them…
And their effect on us.

Is there a story behind?

The Old Epitaph

What is the new?

Alec Wildey – May 2012


  1. Yo creo que existe una historia detras, algo nuevo pero viejo a la vez.
    Vuelve a nacer...
    Mucho tiempo en la oscuridad.
    ¿Podría dejarte ciego?

  2. regrets craved in stone...

    the old epitaph...