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Friday, July 20, 2012

"Everything From Me To The Blue"

Burn a candle for me in the dark
I have my faith to fall back on,
Shadowed in the corner
Transparent to your skin
Close inside;
It's not enough for me to worry
Yet I think about it all the time,
Dwelling into the eyes
Like some sort of ocean
From a far...

What is the meaning of this distance?

Everything from me to the blue...

I just wanted elevation
Anything to get closer to you...

Will help be a friend?
Or will she be pushed aside without reason
I feel so close to landscapes once again...

The cool wind will carry me
And I will run across these fields
Until I know what it is I'm running from...

There's no reason to be afraid.
There is no reason...

Soul mates, we try to reach.

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