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Thursday, July 12, 2012


I promise you, you could be happy
Standing under the rain...
It makes you feel no other sadness
As happiness is like a dream
It's embrace is letting go...
If only you would...

Rainfall until tomorrow;
I may never see you again...

So much more than just a pretty face, you were.
Your mind, your strength
Won't be forgotten
If ever my forgiveness...
You may leave it all behind you
But I am frozen...
And I think of you so often I can hardly breathe
(Was so in love)
Without a thought of how you could be so

Sunday is days away and I
Wait for Eleven O' Clock
To find me,
Some ritual is how you distract yourself
Dried up roses within the pages of a book
Without a heaven or a hell
There's still a prayer we can cling too
In some old dusty forgotten lost hall
Where the soul heals from suffering

You know you've made your mark.

When silence is all your left with;

I promise you... you could be so happy.
Standing under the rain...

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